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Forum policies

Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:27 am

Policies for forum use

The demographic of our community is such that we need to be ready to police our own forums. There are unsavoury elements (i.e. hackers) in our midst, but there are also language barriers, cultural differences, and anxious players colliding on a regular basis. The volatility of our community necessitates moderation, therefore it is the job of Moderators to enforce the policies of our forum, as follows:

- Racism, sexism, and inflammatory language will not be tolerated
- No posting of explicit material
- No selling, advertising, or distribution of exploits
- No public posting of another’s personal information (name, picture, contacts, or other identifying features)
- Each player is restricted to a single account; posting from multiple accounts will result in bans

Moreover, Moderators may need to keep threads on track. Topics are easily derailed, whether intentional or accidental, and to keep them focused a Moderator may move, delete, censor, or alter any post.

Ultimately, the Moderators retain the right to delete posts, threads, or accounts without warning. If you encounter an issue that needs attention, or seek to redress a perceived wrong, please send a personal message to a Moderator.

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